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How Godfather's Pizza Got Into the Biz

Our Becker, MN, pizza joint celebrates our company's past – by delivering great pizza!

As the quality pizza delivery and takeout business here in Becker, MN, your local Godfather's Pizza is proud to be a part of a much larger success story involving a quality food service concept that got its start way back in 1973. Here's how it happened, straight from the mouth of our (in)famous founder:

I tell one of my guys, Willy, to find a place where me and my guys can hang out, relax, make plans for future…endeavors. Willy does just that.

Our new “social club” is great…except my wise guys want food, too. So Willy knocks a hole in the wall and there’s just enough room for a sink, walk-in, and a pizza oven. So, Willy starts makin’ pizzas.

In a matter of days the aroma gets around da neighborhood. “Civilians” start comin’ by, askin’ to buy pizza. Us, bein’ good ‘neighbors’ oblige…and before ya know it we got a line around the block!

Next thing I know…we’re goin’ legit! We’re makin’ more money in da pizza business than our other…stuff.

I tell Willy…”run with it…!” We are in da pizza business full time!

- The Godfather